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Istra keeps a watch over, permanently studies and applies new technologies aimed at keeping abreast with the dynamically changing environment. The large-scale investment plans we apply allows us to offer you the following services – laser cutting, serial production of details of metal of highly productive CNC machines, polishing and satining of metal surfaces, stable varnish coating.

The services of quality we offer guarantee you competitive advantages:

INCREASED OUTPUT , with the automation of the production of large- and small-size serial and single details and limited series;

SIGNIFICANT ECONOMIES IN THE USE OF THE MATERIALS AND RAW MATERIALS thanks to the possibilities for use of various and optimal in dimensions materials;

EXCEPTIONAL PRECISION OF WORKMANSHIP, cleanliness of the treated surfaces, excellent quality of the finished articles.

SAVING TIME AND CURTAILMENT OF A SEQUENCE OF GREAT NUMBER OF EXPENSIVE OPERATIONS, in the metal treatment with universal machines, dropping out the need of workmanship of complicated tools;

ELIMINATION IN DUE TIME OF PROBLEMS , related to the utilization of new productions and workmanship of sample specimens;

sakar Istra presents t you Sakar. Sakar is the sole manufacturer on the Balkan Peninsula of brass plumbing fittings with traditions and experience since 1969. The production of the plant is guarantee for stability and durability of effects in its use in the newly built plumbing installations and repair activities. Proven competitiveness through continual development of the product.