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The balustrades of Istra are made of:

  • Solid brass – polished and powder varnished with polyester varnish of high quality
  • Stainless steel – polished or satined
  • Natural wood – polished, primed, etched in desired colour and varnished with wear-resistant varnish.
  • Steel – powder or cold painted.
  • Glass wall panels – reinforced with protective anti-shock foil of the “Protect Guard” type, which does no allow for disintegration of the glass in event of eventual breaking.

The indicated treatments of the materials were made aimed at protection from weather impacts and darkening, with anti-corrosion effects and save the periodic treatment with abrasive pastes and materials.

The balustrades, which Istra offers, meet your requirements for precision, ecological compatibility and problemless operation. They are appropriate for terraces and staircases and strictly observe all the requirements and standards adopted on the territory of the country (Ordinance No 5 of 21.05.2002, Chapter 26, Article 109).

The term for production and assembly of balustrades by Istra is from 4 to 6 weeks.

The post-guarantee period we provide for our assembly is from 1 to 3 years, depending on the materials which the balustrade is executed of.

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Luxurious collection of balustrades of “Istra” in possession of an original design and beautiful combination of various kinds of materials. The articles, which belong to this category, are distinguished for their solidity and exceptionally high quality of treatment of the materials. The balustrades included in this collection bring in prestige and create uniqueness in the interior and the exterior of the buildings.


Collection of balustrades of “Istra” with classical design and high functionality. The balustrades in this class, in view of their wide use, were worked out of materials of quality which are stable and easy for maintenance. They are exceptionally appropriate for business, commercial, industrial and administration buildings, hotels and establishments.


Collection of balustrades of Istra, created to satisfy the need of the clients of balustrades of quality. The market value of the articles of this class is precisely measured. The new engineering elaborations and input materials /steel and natural wood/ allow for the attainment of striking combinations, reduce the material consumption and facilitate the assembly works. The models of balustrades worked out of wood in full occupy a distinctive place in this class. They are exceptionally appropriate for resorts and regions, which preservation of the appearance of the town and its surroundings in the style of the unique original culture and conformed to the continually growing up requirements of the tourists and the qualitatively changed image of the industry, is required in.