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Spiral staircases

The articles which Istra offers you are with an original design. They were worked out of a metal bearing structure – executed f stainless steel, polished or satined or steel polished and powder painted in a colour in conformity with your wish. The steps may be lined by broad boards of:
- solid natural beech wood, polished, etched in the colour in conformity with your wish and varnished with wear-resistant varnish;
- Aluminium steel chequered plate;
- Rubberized materials.
The balustrade over the staircase follows its screw-shaped line and may be executed in a material in conformity with your wish.
All the hereinabove indicated treatments of the materials were made aimed at protection from the weather impacts, darkening, with anti-corrosion effect and save you the periodic treatment with abrasive pastes and materials.